1. Tax and financial services for legal entities and individuals.
2. POS system.
3. Preparation of invoices, handover acts.
4. Compiling a simplified tax approval.
5. Making monthly payments and quarterly reports of simplified tax approval.
6. Service to taxpayers:
- Monthly\quarterly\yearly report
- registration/cancellation of object
- Cashier, POS terminal
- Employment, termination
-calculation of salary
- Seal, stamp, license
-Preparation of tax approval
7. Calculation of The State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) reports.
8. Preparation of tender documents.

9. Preparation of VAT reports.
10. Reimbursement of amount deducted from income.
11. ASAN İmza (electronic signature system of Azerbaijan).
12. Services related to registration, cancellation of registration and reorganization of taxpayers.
13. Tax registration of natural persons.
14. State registration of legal entities:
- registration of insurers of banks and exchanges, insurance and union brokers, registration of foreign legal entities, representative offices, and branches
- Registration of persons carrying out activities in the field of agriculture
-Registration of other legal entities (LLC, CJSC and OJSC)
15. Establishment of personnel records.
16. Electronic registration, termination and amendment of employment contracts.
17. Financial advice.
18. Preparation of sales and service contracts.
19. Debtors / Accounts Payable.
20. Advance Received / Given.