Documents required for applying for bachelor’s degree
• International passport • High school diploma/a reference from school (translated into Azerbaijani) • Transcript (9-10-11th grades high school assessment)

Language requirement: Foreign students must know Azerbaijani, Russian or English. Otherwise, students will start a bachelor’s degree based on their chosen specialty and language after 1 year of preparatory school. (Boys are exempted from military service during the preparatory school phase)

Health: Foreign students admitted to universities in Azerbaijan will undergo health checks at the Migration Service. Accordingly, students should make sure that they have Medical Examination Report on Blood test, Hepatitis B and C tests and general health check-up in their country in advance and that the results are positive.

Students who are both citizens of a foreign country and the Republic of Azerbaijan (with dual citizenship) will not be accepted. In the case that candidates are admitted as foreign students, they will not be able to register with the State Migration Service and will be expelled from the university!